August 11, 2011

WWE Halloween Costumes – Smack Down Time This Coming Halloween Season

WWE Halloween CostumesWWE was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world along with NBA and NFL. For several years in the entertainment industry, WWE has raised a large number of superstars. All these wrestling stars have different trademarks most especially the way they dress and the way they smack their opponents. Because of its success, WWE has become more popular in the form of video games and even WWE Halloween costumes.

In the past, people used to celebrate Halloween parties simply by trick or treat or by wearing scary dresses. Today, people not just stick on the spooky look but rather find a way to appear “the best” in front of the audience. As you observed when attending costume parties, some people used to wear dresses which have been modelled from several movies and groups like WWE.

WWE Halloween costumes are perfect for groups of individuals who are about to attend a party this coming Halloween season. It can be a family, group of friends or relatives. These costumes come exact same as wrestling superstars actually used. And as Halloween approaches, majority of them are now seen online. Below are few options that you could have during the party.

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Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has become popular because of his 619 move. If you are a fan of him then you can have a replica of his pants and his very own tribal mask. You can also add tattoos on your body to signify that Rey Mysterio look. But wait. Don’t forget to put a belt on your waist as though you stand as the world champion.

John Cena

John Cena is one of the popular WWE Halloween costumes. The looks are simple yet will surely get the attention of people in the party. John Cena normally wears shorts with matching rubber shoes and wristbands. As you wish, you can add a chain and a huge lock on your neck to signify that Cena look. Just imagine how the audience will react after seeing you. Perhaps all they can say is “You can’t see me” as what John Cena do every time he enters the ring.

Latest WWE Halloween Costumes

  • Stone Cold/ Steve Austin
  • Sting
  • The Undertaker
  • The Rock
  • Goldberg
  • A-train
  • Triple H
  • Edge
  • Mankind

The Halloween theme will not be complete without the presence of WWE divas. Everybody loves hot chic most especially men. And once you adopt WWE divas costumes, the audience will surely clap their hands and will shout out loud as your group enters the venue. You can choose from sexy outfits which are also seen in divas like Lita, Trish, Torrie Wilson, Ashley and Stacy Keibler. You can also add some accessories to signify that diva look such as fake microphone, tattoos and hat.   

WWE Halloween costumes are available in different forms, colors and styles. The decision is yours to think what’s best for your group. Remember, the invitation from your friends might come anytime from now. So you have to be prepared. Go ahead and do your own research online. Pay for these costumes now while it’s early and take note that these items will be removed once sold.

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Russ D. Edwards

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