August 11, 2011

Mario Halloween Costumes – The Perfect Attire for Toddlers

Mario Halloween CostumesNintendo’s Super Mario Brothers has amazed thousands of children and even adults around the world. The game was released in 1985 and has become the world’s bestselling video game. Together with Tetris and Pac-man, the game is no doubt the most influential game of all time. And because of its success, Mario Halloween costumes have been made.

Halloween is the funniest holiday for kids. Not just because of the “Trick or Treat” but also because of the cool costumes they loved to wear during parties. If you are a parent, for sure you are also excited for the 2011’s Halloween.  But aside from the excitement, you’re probably starting to think of what costume your kids should wear during the event. Obviously, you always want the best for them. Safety is a vital factor you need to consider though.

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As you know, there are costumes that are made up of materials that may bring hazard to your kids such as beads and dangling objects. It’s okay if your child is 5-10 years old. But for toddlers, the materials being used for the costume is something that you should watch out. Toddlers are prone to exploring things and there’s a big possibility that whatever they touch goes directly into their mouths.

Mario Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

When it comes to materials used, Mario Halloween costumes fit for the requirements. The outfits are fun and comfortable to wear as these are made up of soft and plain fabric.

These costumes are perfect for brothers or best friends. If you have another child, you can likewise dress him up with the Luigi look. Usually, Mario Halloween costumes appear to be blue and red while green and blue for Luigi.

Accessories Added:

The Mario and Luigi look won’t be complete without the accessories. As you can witness on TV, Mario and Luigi were dressed like plumbers. Typically, these costumes are overalls with bright colors. For the finishing touch, there is an inflatable belly to be placed inside the jumpsuit to signify the Mario or Luigi look. But wait a minute. We don’t have to forget Mario’s bright cap.

You can also add gloves and toy plungers to make it more appealing. This is optional though as it may bring harm to your children. Finally, you can add the moustache just below their noses. And Bingo! Your children are now ready for the fun. Just imagine the laughs of your neighbours seeing these kids marching for the “Trick or Treat”

Choosing a Halloween costume is not an easy task. That is why it is advised to shop early so that you can make a wise decision. Don’t wait for the rush. Shop Mario Halloween costumes online and pay it right away using your master card. You can also check out for great deals to definitely save your money. Advance Happy Halloween to you and to your kids.

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