June 30, 2010

Lock-Lace Bodice (Burgundy) Renaissance Collection Adult

Pair with pants or a skirt for a fabulous costume! The superb cut cups the breast for a perfect lift. Double boning in the front dips below the navel for a flat profile. Lacing in the 54 grommets up the back sides and front allows for custom fitting. Made of durable cotton twill in burgundy and trimmed in gold gimp, this bodice is engineered to last for years. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boning in place, and reinforces the front grommets. Also look for the Lock-Lace Bodice in Navy Blue. Waist Sizes: Small 28-36″ Medium 31-33″ Large 34-36″ X-Large 37-39″ XX-Large 40-44″ Sword shown not included, nor available.

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