August 11, 2011

KISS Halloween Costumes – Demonic Look This Halloween

KISS Halloween CostumesEntertainment groups always provide an inspiration to all of us most especially in the way they dress themselves.  Maybe you may hear several suggestions of what’s going to be the best pick this Halloween season. If you are looking for a unique and realistic costume then Kiss Halloween costumes will surely fit your taste. You can also build your own group and become Gene “The Demon” Simmons, the Space Man Ace Frehly, the Starchild Paul Stanley or the Catman Peter Criss.  

Halloween is the time of the year wherein you are given a chance to impersonate your favorite character. Some would dress like a character in the renowned movie Star Wars while others would dress like a nun or Mad Hatter of the movie Alice in Wonderland. What’s yours?

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Gene Simmons Costumes

Everybody wants to dress like The Demon Gene Simmons. However, the guy with the longest tongue fit for that look. There are three other options to choose though. Dressing up like a demon will surely create a massive impact to the audience. As you know, KISS is one of the popular rock bands in the world so people will easily recognize you upon you enter the party venue.

If you’ve got what it takes to be Gene Simmons, then go on and build your own costume. To make the look more appealing, you need to have a girlfriend or a wife that will be there on your side the whole time. Of course, the Gene Simmons look will not be complete without the inflatable electric guitar.

KISS Halloween costumes typically come with matching accessories such as firehat, belt, boots, gloves, jacket and bloody face masks. When planning to dress KISS outfits, you also need to consider the hair. KISS members have long and curly hairs. If that’s so, getting a wig is something that you need to consider.

Other Kiss Halloween Costumes Accessories

  • Make up kit
  • Rubber Masks
  • Wristbands
  • Metalic necklace and bracelets

Aside from Gene Simmons, everyone also loves to dress like other members of KISS group. KISS Halloween costumes are suitable for both adults and children. The black and white colors will surely give a “rock and roll night” ambiance to the venue. Aside from Gene Simmons, everybody also loves to see other members of the group. For friends, relatives, colleagues and other social groups, this is the chance to shine on stage. The costumes will sure make you the star of the night.

Looking for a KISS Halloween costumes will be a bit difficult. So it is advisable to shop now before the costume you choose to wear has been sold. For fast shopping, you can go online and select from hundreds of KISS costumes available. Dress yourself with the best demonic costume and have fun this Halloween season.

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Russ D. Edwards

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