August 11, 2011

Avatar Halloween Costumes – Taking Planet Pandora into Reality

Avatar Halloween CostumesAfter the success of James Cameroon ground breaking sci-fi movie “Avatar”, many folks are looking for a realistic and unique look this Halloween season. If you are one of those individuals, Avatar Halloween costumes will be one of the sizzling picks this year. Turn yourself blue and be the hero of the alien world. Impress everyone in the party this coming full moon night.

Just how could you imagine yourself dressed with the Avatar Jake Sully? People in the party will surely be amazed and will have fun wowed on the way you look. Jake is the main protagonist in the story who chose to replace his twin brother Tom who has been killed on earth. Jake Sully appears like an ethnic when he was in the Planet Pandora. His hair is long together with his ears.

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Wearing a costume similar to your favorite character Juke Sully will surely stunned people in the party. Avatar Halloween costumes come with matching accessories such as spears, wigs, anklets, necklace and earrings. But of course, the avatar look won’t be complete without the face makeup. The typical color is blue based on the movie itself. However the entry of other colors is definitely allowed.

The movie theme would not be that exciting without Jake Sully’s love team Neytiri, Na’vi’s friend who fell in love with Jake. Neyteri’s costume is quite elegant similar to the movie. The suit comes with realistic stuff made from metallic materials. There’s an attached tail at the back of the suit which signifies the Neytiri look. There are also accessories added upon you buy such as head gear, ethic necklace, bracelets, and of course long ears.

Avatar Halloween Costumes have a wide selections being released just this year. These include:

  • Jake Sully Deluxe Adult Costume
  • Jake Sully Adult Costume
  • Sexy Neytiri Adult Costume
  • Navi Spears 72
  • Jake Sully Adult Mask
  • Neytiri Deluxe Adult Wig

Avatar Halloween Costumes Advance Options

Whatever costumes you chose it is important to consider the makeup. Without the makeup, the costume may look ordinary in front of the audience. To achieve the looks, you can start with the deluxe avatar make up kit. This will allow you to customize your look most especially your skin. It will also allow you to place tribal markings on your face which also add beauty to the entire costume.

The eyes should also be paired with the blue color as well. As seen in movies, you need to add greenish-yellow glow to your eyes which give a scary effect this Halloween season. The key technique is creativeness. You can exactly copy what’s on the movie as you wish. However, you can also personalize it by adding your own style.

There’s no doubt, Avatar Halloween costumes will be one of the hottest choices this year. Wearing these costumes might give you a chance to win the audience’s admiration. However, you have to be in hurry because the sales will surely increase this year. It’s sad to think that the ideal costume you are dreaming has been sold. Start shopping online and bring Planet Pandora in reality this Halloween season.

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Russ D. Edwards

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